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The Soil Association symbol (pictured) is used to guarantee that labelled food has been grown or produced to the highest standards of organic integrity.


Why Organic?

Why Organic?

Organic Wine - A Grape Deal Of Difference
Organic wine is made from organically grown grapes - none of that routine spraying with insecticides, herbicides and pesticides that non organic wines undergo.
Organic vineyards are often interplanted with herbs and flowers, so the vineyard is part of the ecosystem, unlike the scarily barren acres of non organic vineyards.
Our winemakers make clean pure wine out of their grapes, wines that reflect the character of the healthy vineyards where the grapes grow.
These grapes are clean! The other half of the story is skill, knowledge, dedication and hard work... the results speak for themselves with many of the wines winning medals and awards.

Organic Beers & Lagers
The ever increasing range of organic beers and lagers show that simple hops and malts can produce as many different styles as there are brewers. From classic premium lager through wheat beers to rich bitter style beers, from dry and hoppy to aromatic and citrussy, from well known brewers to small organic specialists, there is sure to be a beer or lager to suit every palate.

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