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Many of the wines on our list have won awards in prestigious competitions. These include the Concours Vins Bios, the major organic wine competition in France, and the International Wine Challenge. This is the biggest and best known mainstream wine competition in the UK, with thousands of entries, where organic wines stand against a vast field of non-organics.

159-Clairette de Die Brut, Achard Vincent AC

Details (L): 

Made from a blend of Muscat and Clairette grapes, the wine is astonishingly succulent and vibrant, with forward fresh fruit flavours and a ripe grapey character.

Price (Case): £216.18   

160-Clairette de Die Tradition, Achard Vincent AC

Details (L): 

Light, medium sweet and deliciously grapey, this is a highly versatile wine.

Price (Case): £217.88   

084-Clos St Martin AC

Details (L): 

Delicious as an apéritif, with desserts or as an after dinner treat, this 'vin doux naturel' has a marvellous orange colour and matching flavour.

Price (Case): £227.64   

005-Cognac Estival Jacques Brard-Blanchard

Details (L): 

Created in the summer of 2000 this cognac is almost as new to its producer as it is to us.

Price (Case): £381.74   

200-Cognac Napoleon Roland Seguin

Details (L): 

15 year old cognac that's at the top of our range - theirs goes higher, call us for details (but have your cheque book handy.

Price (Case): £700.11   

002-Cognac VSOP Roland Seguin

Details (L): 

A stylish cognac from the Seguins which has been aged in oak for over 10 years.

Price (Case): £477.25   

001-Cognac XXX VS Roland Seguin

Details (L): 

Produced on a small family estate in Villars les Bois to the west of Cognac which has been in organic production since 1982.

Price (Case): £445.42   

174-Corte del Giano, Perlage

Details (L): 

Perlage's blockbuster red - not for the faint-hearted! A potent blend aged in Slavonic oak for seven months, with a characteristic bouquet of violets and black cherries.

Price (Case): £254.39   

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