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Many of the wines on our list have won awards in prestigious competitions. These include the Concours Vins Bios, the major organic wine competition in France, and the International Wine Challenge. This is the biggest and best known mainstream wine competition in the UK, with thousands of entries, where organic wines stand against a vast field of non-organics.

108-Chateau du Moulin de Peyronin Cuvée Capucine AC

Details (L): 

In a more complex style than our other Bordeaux from this chateau, 10 months ageing in oak barriques has produced a weighty claret with delightful 'sous-bois' (woodland) notes and hints of black fruit.

Price (Case): £170.33   

052-Chateau la Blanquerie AC

Details (L): 

An old favourite from an excellent new vintage.

Price (Case): £127.04   

208-Chateau la Garenne AC

Details (L): 

This fully organic Sauternes from Nicole and Christian Ferbos is a luscious golden blend.

Price (Case): £396.38   

776-Chateau Laborié Fouisseau AC

Details (L): 

The only organic wine from this increasingly well respected small Languedoc appellation.

Price (Case): £185.59 Out of Stock 

242-Chateau Pouchaud-Larquey AC

Details (L): 

A fuller flavour style of white Bordeaux made from the usual Bordeaux supects.

Price (Case): £158.87   

110-Chateau Pouchaud-Larquey AC

Details (L): 

Originally from Piedmont in northern Italy, the Piva family have been vignerons for many generations, and purchased this chateau in 1961.

Price (Case): £206.63   

053-Chateau Vieux Georget AC

Details (L): 

Nice yeasty aroma and delightful citrus flavour give this wine an intriguing character.

Price (Case): £117.48   

238-Chateau Vieux-Georget AC

Details (L): 

Noticeably clean and soft-fruited claret with an uncomplicated and approachable ripeness in the mouth - a worthy partner to our highly popular white from Jean da Fré's estate at St Laurent du Bois.

Price (Case): £141.68   

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