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The Soil Association symbol (pictured) is used to guarantee that labelled food has been grown or produced to the highest standards of organic integrity.


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Many of the wines on our list have won awards in prestigious competitions. These include the Concours Vins Bios, the major organic wine competition in France, and the International Wine Challenge. This is the biggest and best known mainstream wine competition in the UK, with thousands of entries, where organic wines stand against a vast field of non-organics.

175-Chardonnay, Perlage DOC

Details (L): 

Notable for its well balanced and harmonious style, this is a straw yellow Chardonnay, with a full and fruity aroma.

Price (Case): 127.04   

111-Chateau Barrail des Graves AC 2002

Details (L): 

Ripe, mouth-watering fruit backed up by plenty of rich, vibrant character and firm tannins.

Price (Case): 219.36   

774-Chateau Brandeau AC 2005

Details (L): 

Chateau Brandeau has belonged to the (originally English) King family since 1973 and has been certified organic since 1993.

Price (Case): 143.79   

054-Chateau Coursou AC

Details (L): 

This beautifully made Bordeaux Blanc Sec has a fresh aroma of ripe pears and plenty of zip in the flavour.

Price (Case): 123.85   

107-Chateau Coursou AC

Details (L): 

A classic 'petit chateau' claret which is aged in wood.

Price (Case): 136.59   

117-Chateau de Boisfranc AC

Details (L): 

This is a warm and flavoursome light to medium red with plenty of colour.

Price (Case): 142.95   

191-Chateau de Coulaine AC

Details (L): 

Black-cherry red in colour with attractive blue-purple highlights; the nose is of black cherries and red fruit, with a distinctly berryish character.

Price (Case): 157.60   

106-Chateau du Moulin de Peyronin AC

Details (L): 

A smooth and fruity claret from Pujols, near Castillon la Bataille, which is made in the modern style, for immediate drinking.

Price (Case): 142.95   

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