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296-Angel Lager Broughton Ales (UK)

Details (L): 

A refreshing pilsner style lager from an up and coming Scottish brewery.

Price (Case): 101.85   

062-Black Isle Yellowhammer Bitter (UK)

Details (L): 

A golden straw coloured bitter brewed with Cascade hops, adding a flinty,grapefruit aroma.

Price (Case): 100.66   

275-Border Gold, Broughton Ales (UK)

Details (L): 

Deliciously full flavoured, with a fine malt to hop balance and a satisfying hoppy finish, a light golden coloured beer with an excellent aromatic nose and aftertaste.

Price (Case): 99.80   

760-Budels Lager (Holland)

Details (L): 

From a small family brewery established in 1870 in the town of Budel in North Brabant, a new, refreshing and typically continental lager.

Price (Case): 66.82   

277-Fuller's Organic Honeydew Ale (UK)

Details (L): 

Lovely golden ale from this prestigious London brewery.

Price (Case): 101.85   

060-Golden Promise (UK)

Details (L): 

The Caledonian Brewery is the last brewery in Britain still using direct fired open coppers.

Price (Case): 98.95   

154-Pinkus Hefe Weizen (Germany)

Details (L): 

Top quality wheat beer, naturally cloudy and with a fruity flavour.

Price (Case): 71.78   

150-Pinkus Lagerbier (Germany) Biodynamic Beer

Details (L): 

Our First diodynamic beer-Hans Muller and his team have crafted a highly commercial, unfiltered pilsner using 100% barley malt.

Price (Case): 71.95   

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